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Copp's Irrigation is a Reinke Diamond Dealer

Since 1994, Copp's Irrigation has been one of the top dealers in the Reinke Southwestern Region, serving customers over a broad territory in northern California, Southern Oregon, and Nevada. Contact us to find out why Reinke automated watering systems are trusted around the world.



Your Reinke pivot is designed to last for decades. With advances in materials, engineering, design options, and technology, Reinke is at the forefront of making sure your investment pays off. From gaskets to GPS guidance, Reinke systems take into consideration cost, longevity, convenience, and customer satisfaction at every step. The Copp's Irrigation crew members are Reinke Certified to design, build, and service your pivot system.


Since 1954, Reinke has been a pioneer in automated watering technology. Still family-owned and operated, the company is located in Deshler, Nebraska and sets the standard for innovation and reliability in pivots.


Reinke pivots come with quality assurance!

Structural components -- 5 years

Pipe -- 20 years (corrosion)

Electronics -- 2 years

New panels -- 5 years

Wheel gear -- varies by type

     -Red: 8 years or 8000 hours (new system), 5 years (replacement) 

     -Blue: 10 years or 16,000 hours (new system), 7 years (replacement)

Center Drive -- 8 years/8,000 hours

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